WKRP in Cincinnati convinced me being on the radio would be one of the coolest jobs a person could have. Podcasting is as close as I’ve gotten to broadcasting. One of these podcasts is rebroadcast on real radio stations though – so that’s close enough!

Storytelling is my favorite lens for experiencing life. Podcasting his been a natural way to explore and narrate the intersections.

Learning to produce quality audio has been the single most fun learning curve I’ve ever scrambled up. If there’s a story you’d like to hear told, or one that you’d like help telling, get in touch.

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Welcome To the Table!
the podcast about what people are doing to end hunger.

This podcast highlights the stories of people who are helping to end hunger.

Each episode is an on location interview with an individual entrepreneurial instigator who has started from scratch to create their own project to help end hunger in their community.

Welcome To The Table! the podcast about what people are doing to end hunger, is a project of Healing Springs Acres.

Support for the podcast comes from Healing Springs Acres and from the Patrons at the Healing Springs Acres Patrons Table.

Bible Bash Podcast:
Biblical and other conversations in Trans/Queer affirming voices

Listen in each month as host, Liam Michael Hooper – a justice-seeking gender theorist, trans educator-advocate, and author – meets with co-host, Don Durham – a hermit like mendicant farmer, podcaster, and strategy coach – to share their thoughts about Biblical stories.

In each episode Liam and Don will take turns leading an exploration of a Biblical text and the other will share a meaningful-for-whatever-reason non-Biblical text for reflection.

Bible Bash is part of the
Rock Candy Podcast Network