Organizational Strategy Consulting

If your organization’s vital work feels surrounded by the swirling chaos of potential and you’d like help calming the storm, email me at:


  • Directing conversations to discern and clarify new visions for a new or re-newed congregation or community organization,
  • Working with a congregation to find a unified, collaborative path through a fraught conflict and away from the brink of a split,
  • Helping a not-for-profit organization to refocus the relevance of their services and their engagement strategies,
  • Creating webtools for more interactive audience engagement for podcasts or businesses,
  • Or, offering interim guidance during executive leadership changes,

…the essence of the work never changes.

You have to get three things right:

  1. Clear focus on the motivating Purpose – the main grassroots results of the organization’s vital work and, how to communicate that purpose internally and externally.
  2. Clear attention to the People who are involved in the work to see that they are resourced and cared for in ways that make their importance and the importance of their work plain.
  3. Clear Processes for making sure that the resources of the organization, including energy and attention, are aptly focused on the grassroots informed motivating purpose rather than the distracting residue of litter from previous sacred cow projects and methods.

If you’d like a seasoned ear to hear more about your situation, lets discuss whether you’d prefer remote coaching or on-site consultation.