Not-For-Profit Fundraising Consulting

If your organization’s vital work feels surrounded by the swirling chaos of potential and you’d like help calming the storm, email me at:

My primary work for 20+ years was to raise the money to pay for good work while serving as a planned giving officer, the chief fundraising officer, or the chief executive officer of five different church related not-for-profit organizations in the (moderate/progressive) Baptist, United Methodist, and Presbyterian USA traditions. I ditched the MBA and leaned into the calling of nurturing generosity.

One of my alma maters, Gardner-Webb University offered me my first opportunities to learn that the work of fundraising was never informed as much by the MBA in Economics I was pursuing at the time as it was by whatever pastoral sensibilities I’d already picked up in seminary.

United Methodists taught me the Wesleyan tradition of the Works of Mercy while I served a continuing care retirement community and a child and family services agency in the Central Pennsylvania and Virginia Annual Conferences.

In one of my home towns, Winston-Salem, I experienced the warm embrace of serving a community of families who were first generation Hispanic/Latinx immigrants. I worked with a community services agency there as they transitioned from the founding leadership to the leaders rising from among and alongside their own community.

The culmination of my professional work was serving as President of the Cooperative Baptist Fellowship Foundation in Atlanta for 8 years. During that time we grew our assets from $20 million to $40 million – during two of the worst stock market crashes our country has ever experienced.

Another element of my work with the foundation that informed my commitment to nurturing generosity was working with over 20 congregation and organizations on their endowment promotion or capital fundraising campaigns. I had the privilege of vicarious participation in the deeply rooted generosity of more communities than any one person normally experiences. Every place I ever went, I learned as much as I taught.

The lessons learned from my work have solidified my experienced beliefs that gathering the resources needed for vital work has absolutely nothing to do with how much chaos is going on in the world. It has everything to do with being faithfully committed to a mission you believe in and continuing to invite others to participate in that vital work.

If you’d like a seasoned ear to hear more about your situation, lets discuss whether you’d prefer remote coaching or on-site consultation.