Acoustic Treatment Panels

One of the single most important problems I had to solve in my audio production learning curve was how to create a quiet recording space. That’s a problem that can cost thousands of dollars that I didn’t want to spend.

As usual, YouTube came to the rescue with a very informative, simple, low-cost, Do-It-Yourself tutorial on building acoustic dampening panels. You can find your way from there to several other helpful versions if you’d like to try a different design. I have no connection to the video or the creator, I just found the work really helpful.

The Tri-County Amateur Radio Club in central NC is fortunate to have a member who makes an outbuilding available as a club “Radio Shack.” My contribution to the project was to make a set of acoustic treatment panels to help improve the overall quality of the sound by reducing the natural reverb in the room.

The flat, hard walls in the small, boxy room made it a natural echo chamber – which is not conducive to clean audio over a microphone! The panels absorb A LOT of the echo in the space and allow for nice, clean, clear transmissions.

These panels demonstrate how close to aesthetically pleasing you can get with cheap towels.

The panels on the wall behind the operating station reduce the echoes coming from behind the operator into the microphone.
Before installation…
After installation! (We weren’t TRYING to make a better “after” pic with the obviously better lighting – it was just made on a different day…) 🙂
These panels absorb the operator’s voice as they speak into the microphone and help drastically reduce the noise from the various pieces of equipment..